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The popular family of 2minutes videos has another member: Process Transformation. Invest 2 minutes of your time and get an idea what Software AG´s Process Transformation is all about.

Got more time?

Then also take a look at the new whitepaper on this topic: Transforming Your Business by Transforming Your Processes (you need to register to download but it´s definitely worth it!). Transforming your processesThis paper is the second chapter of the oncoming "Intelligent Guide to Enterprise BPM". 

Why Process Transformation?
How to Transform your Processes
Business Strategy & Business Models
Creating a good process
Before you start – The Five Ws
Improving the Process
Process Governance
Communication & Publishing
Getting in Sync with IT

Chapter one on EBPM is already out since August, please check at The parts on Process Automation and Process Intelligence will follow until the end of the year.







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