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I've successfully created a custom attribute for Enterprise BPMN Process models, but seem to have an issue related to symcols not being displayed on the intended object or model. Only the attibute value is being displayed as a placement on the object (Task). I think i followed the right steps as follows:-

1. Created the Attribute Type Group

2. Created the customer attribute, values (value list Yes, No, Maybe etc..) - assigned values and symbols

3. Assigned the custom attribute to the attibute type group

4. Assigned the custom attribute to the model (Enterprise BPMN Process Model)

5. Assigned the custom attribute to the object type (Task)

6. Did not assign to any connection  

7. Logged Out / Logged In

8. Created a new model and selected one of the options from the custom attribute. 

Custom attribute value is correctly displayed at the top left side of the task object but not the symbol. Did anybody face this similar issue or know what is missing from the above steps please. Thank you.