I m trying to work on a macro trigered with the event "l'objet doit étre changé lors de la modélisation"

If an attribut if changed with modeling a treatement will be executed based on the new value of the attribut. 

The macro is trigered before i set the new value of the attribut and not after, so the argument withe the key 1 (the new value of the attribut)  is always empty.


this is my code traiting the event :

    var id = Context.getProperty(Constants.EVENT_ID)
    var arg = Context.getProperty(Constants.EVENT_ARGUMENTS)
    var keys = arg.getKeys()
    var arguments = new String();
    for(var i=0; i<keys.length; i++)
        arguments = arguments + keys[i]+ ": " + arg.getValue(keys[i]) + "\n";
    Dialogs.MsgBox("Event: "+id+"\n"+arguments)


The argument with the key 1 is always : ?


Thanks for your help