I have ARIS Express 2.4c installed on 64 bit Windows 7 with 8GB or RAM and the Aris performance is sluggish. For example, 1m 20s to open a 250KB model  on C: drive (double clicking), frequent freezes of 30s to 60s on adding or modifying elements then 1m 20s to save. I have turned off the auto update option.

The Windows version of Aris Express is installed in the C:/Program Files, and I can see in that directory a 1.7 version of the JRE. I also have a 1.8 version of the JRE installed under Program Files (x86). When I run Aris Express and view in Task Manager the Image Name is "ARIS Express.exe *32", which I take to mean it is running the 32 bit version. One other thing about my set up is that my Windows profile is stored on a network location, and I can see there are some ARIS express temp files that are updated in that location when the application is used.

  • Is the correct ARIS version running for my Windows set-up or should it be the 64 bit flavour?
  • Does ARIS use the JRE bundled or is it picking up the more recent 32 bit version I have installed
  • Is there anything I can try regards JVM settings in arisloader.cfg, or any other configuration, to make better use of the resources available?
  • Is there anything I can look at regards the network profile location that may be affecting performance