I recently restored/imported some EPC diagrams from our subsidiary; the layout and formatting was awful, so the models have to be adapted. (All connections were not uniform, the symbols were clinched and the objects seemed were not at one line, so sometimes  it could not be identified right away which object is connected to another).

 Restored format was .adb. I applied ARIS- Standard palette (classic), since they used the new one. Consequently, ARIS version of them is 9.8 like ours. Afterwards I applied our Template "default (classic)". I also applied the functionality "Layout", but some manual adjustments were still needed. Theses adjustments were regarding connections between functions and rules as well as connections between functions and model specific function. 

I also restored a backup of our database as a test, but have not had such layout problems. 

Can someone tell me,

-  why the model layout was so destroyed,

-  how I can avoid it, so there is not any adaption necessary and 

-  is there a better way to adapt such bad layouts?


Thank you in advance!