I installed Aris Express yesterday. After installation it opened the application successfully and was able to use various modelling tools.

After that I closed the applicaiton and returned later in the day to use the application again. But this time gives error " Unable to Launch Application" everytime I click on Aris Express Icon. I was not sure of the error, got connected to internet and cliked on " Download Aris Express" again. Application opened again without any problems. So in order to reproduce the error, I exited application again and tried to open again, but gave me same error. So even if I am connected online or I am offline, clicking on Airs Icon on desktop give me same error - "Unable to open Application", but clicking on "Download Aris Express" on download section on Aris Community site, application opens correctly.

Attaching details of the error provided in the message. Kindly assist in resolution of error for using offline.




Tags: ARIS Express 
Attachments:File Doc1.docx