Hi everyone, 

we are preparing a model in Aris Connect (which we previously created in Aris Architect) and we would like to ask some questions regarding the collaboration and document management part.

  • How can we assign a document to the model's document library as a viewer ? (we found that we should request it from the process owner, is this the correct approach)
  • Is it possible to assign a document to a model's object ? If yes how can we do this?
  • What is the difference between "Propose Document" and "Submit change request" ? (since we can add documents in the second option "Submit change request", what is the usage of the "Propose document")
  • Does referencing to a user with "@" inform him in the portal? (we observed that using let's say @system, does not inform user system in the Connect portal)
  • Is is possible to directly assign a proposed document from a comment to a model or model's object? (we tried this one and didn't find it, what I ask is if a user propose a document in a process or process step, is it possible somehow to say ok add this in this model).

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Tags: ARIS 10 ARIS Architect ARIS Connect Business Process Management