In this 2009 article - Data Modeling Layers in ARISUwe Roediger shared "some thoughts" that launched several interesting discussions about this subject.

Focusing in the logical level, Uwe stated that "On this level, the logical data models are described. Currently, different notations are used here, e.g. ERM and UML. The preferred way to describe logical data models is to use Entity types and Attributes in IE Data Models. eERM diagrams should not be used any longer".

I do believe my question must have been addressed before - in the meanwhile I'll keep looking for answers - but it would be very kind and useful if someone could provide any suggestions about:

How to map data to BPM tasks?

In other words, I have BPM models and IE models and my question is: how is "the best" way in ARIS to create data views that shall support each task?

All suggestions will be very welcome.

Thanks in advance, Paulo