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I came across this one and wanted to ask

The ARIS architects found the following difference between the license of ARIS Architect versus the ARIS Architect EP Access license. The first license for available for two users, while the second license only for one.

For the file ARIS_Architect.xml you can find the following product code:

<ProductCode> YAA </ ProductCode>
<ProductName> ARIS Architect </ ProductName>

While for the file  ARIS_Architect_ExtPack_Access.xml you can find the following product code:

<ProductCode> YAAAC </ ProductCode>
<ProductName> ARIS Architect EP Access </ ProductName>

What's the difference between one and another? Is there any reason why only one architect has access to the EP Access license?


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P.S: from what I found on ARIS Technical Product Matrix document, ARIS Architect EP allows to use XML/XMI/AML files for data exchange, is there any other difference from the ARIS Architect license?