I have a customer that reported me that they're not getting the e-mail with the link where they can reset their passwords. I've made functional tests by myself and I'm not getting any messages either.

Note that the SMTP Server is attached to ARIS and e-mails can be sent and it works without problem. This has been tested a while ago in some small tasks and workflows where the approvers received an e-mail for requests.

This is what I've done so far with no results:


1.- Click on "forgot password", typed my user name and got the following:

2 - Never got the e-mail so I used my system account to drill down further Notifications are all set. Still no results.

3 - Notifications are set to TRUE as you can see below:

4 - I even uploaded an HTML template (taken from ARIS Connect documentation) and uploaded it. No results.


Am I missing something when addressing this issue? any clue of what needs to be done to have the customer getting e-mails when they wish to reset their passwords?

This is currently impacting to ALL users.

Thank you very much for your assistance

Have a nice day