Hello everyone!

I would like to ask an extra pair of eyes on a particular issue we've been through these last weeks: whilst performing a health check on the ARIS node, it became familiar to us detecting that the runnable apg_l is reported failed due to Read Lock errors

After reviewing the ARIS System Monitoring document, this is what I found concerning Read Lock failure messages:

Read Lock
This check compares the average time it takes to access a synchronized resource, to the average time it takes to access a non-synchronized resource on the system. From the measured times it calculates a ratio. A high ratio means that access to synchronized resources is relatively slow which could have a negative effect on the computation speed of ARIS.
The check fails if the ratio is greater than 30. As a large set of test data objects is necessary to accurately calculate the result, the check is only executed once an hour in the background.


Is there any way to prevent this? 

What about DB tuning maybe?

Reduce some server resources? maybe which ones?

Are there any action plans for when these type of errors come across?


Thank you very much for your assistance

Kind regards