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IDS-Scheer, I hear what you´re saying. ARIS Express is not meant for professional users in enterprise settings. I appreciate the initiatives with a free of charge and easy to use process modelling tool. I just  have one question (or comment) about your marketing/distribution strategy.

In this forum you have given the members of the ARIS Community to evaluate Express. All of us are already familiar with BPM and have a lot of thoughts about it. In that case this forum is a great way for you to get a professional point of view as well as valuable discussions.
My question is that if ARIS Express is meant as a tool for users entering the BPM space, how will you reach the users who should enter the BPM space and reap the benefits of basic BPM? Those people are defintetly not signed up in this community. I would assume that their feedback is as important as the BPM-proffesionals.
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