Given object definitions as rows and columns in a Spreadsheet (lovingly hand-crafted or retrieved via Query), is there any way to show attributes of the connections between them (when that connection is unique if existent)? The IS_CONNECTED_BY/QUERY_IS_CONNECTED spreadsheet formulas can only answer the question if there is a connection.

Alternatively, for a similar Matrix, can an attribute value of their connection be shown rather than just the existence of a connection? 

Use case: in information models, we have Entity Types which may share ERM Attribute objects connected to each ET object via is describing for (78), is primary key for (80), is foreign key for (79) connections. I want to get a table with Entity Types as columns, ERM Attributes as rows, with an X if they have a connection of any of these types, and that connection has a boolean attribute Mandatory with value equal to true. 

It would be nice not to have to go the report route. 

Tags: ARIS 10