i'm new to Aris and I wonder about the differences about the different versions. (Aris Express and Cloud Versions)

Im looking for a tool to model a process (BPMN). I can easily do this in Aris Express and the cloud versions. In addition to that, I would like to create a customized output report. A standard report I can download in Aris Express, but I can't change the structure and add additional structure points in Aris. I would prefer to do this in Aris and not in Word. 

I found out about the tool Aris Skripteditor. It looks like as it is the additional tool I am looking for. Does someone know where I can get it from? Or is it included in the Aris Cloud versions? Or even in Aris Express and I just did noit find it. 


Many thanks for your help!


Tags: ARIS ARIS Basic ARIS Express ARIS Report Scripting