Hello community,


I have not been able to install a client version of ARIS 9.5 on my Windows 8.1 (64bt) machine, which is currently runnning ARIS 7.2. 

I didnt not uninstall ARIS 7.2

For hte 9.5 installation setup, the option I have selected are as follows:

ARIS Architect/Designer (only)

ARIS with local standard database system.


While installing component 7 of 8.. I get pop up error: "Error installing component 'simulation' for furher information please refer to the file '%temp%/ARIS_install_Error.log'.

The last line of the log file reads:

Could not configure runnable simulation_local (com.aris.modeling.components.simulationserver.y-simuserver-run-prod- on nodelocalhost:Runnable com.aris.modeling.components.simulationserver.y-simuserver-run-prod- not available for platforms Windows32, Independent. Make sure you have the right groupid, artifactId and version.

Anyone know how to help?


Much appreciated.


Tags: ARIS Architect installation simulation