I would like to create a relationship between the functions(tasks) in my process maps and the application(s) that support them. I have quite a few process maps grouped by the "Business Function" they apply to e.g HR, Payroll, Technology etc..

I have the following questions :

1) Is creating a matrix between the functions and applications (and establishing a connection between them) the best way to represent the relationship between the two or is there another way of doing this. Ideally, I would like the relationship to be visible in the "IT Systems" column on the overview tab when the process is viewed through ARIS Connect.

2) Should I create a single matrix for all the functions and applications (across all business functions) or create a separate matrix for each group of processes pertaining to a business function.

3) I would like to be able to report on all the functions that are impacted by a particular application, so if a decision is made to replace or retire an application then I can ascertain which processes are impacted. Can such a report be generated?

4) Can such a report be run to pick up data from a matrix? If yes, would having several matrices (Refer point 2) cause a problem? Can a report be run across several matrices? 


Tags: ARIS Architect Reports