We're going to add/connect KPI's to our processses (level 3 and 4 eBPMNc).

This would be done by adding the KPI's to a FAD, which is an assignment of in this case a level 4 eBPMNc process.

As I see it there are three ways of connecting a KPI;

Say for instance there is a specific KPI which measures step 2 till 7 in a specific level 4 process would I;

1) Model it at the level above (level 3 FAD, assignment of level 3 eBPMNc) and specify, very specific in description/definition, that this KPI is ONLY measured/active between step 2-7 for the level 4 process?

2)Model it at a level 4 FAD (steps 2,3,4,5,6 and 7) of the level 4 eBPMNc process?

3) Model it at level 4 FAD (steps 2 and 7) of the level 4 eBPMNc process?

My experience with other companies, would be to put it on the level 3 FAD and specify, but what would you all suggest  as best practise?

Thanks in advance,


Vincent Bakker 

Tags: ARIS ARIS 10 ARIS Cloud