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Dear All,

We are a doing a POC for one of our customer and one of the Use Case we want to showcase is the DMN modeling in ARIS 10 and then importing the .DMN files into Drools rule engine and execute it from there.

We created couple of scenarios using the BPMN model and then linking it to DMN decision requirements diagram, DMN context diagram and DMN decision table. This was exported as .dmn file and shared with the Drools team. They were able to import the file, however, the data mapping the decision table after import in Drools was lost or showing no relation. 

We also tried importing the sample DMN process from UMG Demo DB, but got the same error.

Has anyone else come across the same issue while importing ARIS DMN models in Drools or any other Rule Management system. Would appreciate if anyone can provide any help on this topic.


Neeraj Rana

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