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Hello again Process Mining user,

Thank you so much for the likes to the previous article about our scripted columns where we showcased how to calculate throughput time dynamically between 2 activities chosen by user.

In case you have not read it yet, please find the link below. Before you proceed with this post, it’s worth checking the previous where basics are covered.

Scripted columns in ARIS Process Mining

Now that we have learnt how to use variables and parameters and respond to user’s input, we shall here see more examples of the usage.

Scenario: Calculate the process costs.

This is one of the most common scenarios where user’s having to calculate the cost of the process to make a sense of how the changes in throughput time impact the business. Let us see how it is done below.

To calculate the process costs, we should let the user enter a cost per hour and use the value to showcase the output.

For this we would need an input box where a user can enter the hourly cost rate.

Let us assign a variable with some initial value to this input and name it “Process_Cost”. We use this variable to store the user input and pass it to the parameter for calculation.

To show the calculated process cost, let us add a label component and assign it a scripted column which takes the input entered by the user. To create this scripted column, we add a label component and add a measure. On the top left of the screen to add a measure we can see a possibility to add a new field

Let us click on add a new filed and select Case as we want to create a case column and in the next step chose our new code editor capability. Here we enter the below mentioned code snippet which takes the "Process_Hourly_Cost" as the parameter and multiplies it by the sum of case duration for each activity of each case.

(TO_DOUBLE(${Process_Hourly_Cost}) * (PU_SUM("_ARIS.Case", "_ARIS.Activity","_ARIS.Activity"."Activity duration"))/1000)/3600

This can now be presented over multiple aggregations like average cost of median cost etc.

Happy Process Mining!

See you soon with another scenario.

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