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Here are some basics how to use the e-learning courses of the ARIS Online Academy.

The online help

When you start a course for the first time, have a quick look in the online help provided with  every course. There you'll quickly learn how to

  • navigate through the course using the controls,
  • making notes in learning units,
  • searching for specific learning topics,
  • setting bookmarks on learning units,
  • and how to check your learning status.

To open the online help just click on the help icon to in the top right corner:
Where to open the online help


The glossary

Another tip is to make use of the glossary in every course.

The glossary is listing up a couple of definitions you will come across in the courses and additionally  a quick overview of the ARIS Solutions and the produts of the ARIS Platform.

To open the glossary just click on the book icon:
Where to open the glossary


The ARIS Online Academy e-learning courses do not support yet an option for giving direct feedback to the authors.

However, your feedback on the courses' content is very welcome!

So for now, please post your comments and suggestions for improvement either right here or to the authors. That'll help us to improve the quality of the e-learning courses.

Rob Davis & Rune Becker