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Dear ARIS Community members,

Today you will find our forums streamlined and restructured. We did that to provide you with more intuitive forum names based on the kind of help you seek for.

What have we changed

We replaced the group pages ARIS Cloud, ARIS Support and BPM Topics by ARIS Products, Our Blogs and Other Topics to provide you with a more intuitively named forum groups.

In the forum ARIS Products we put all product related forums at one place, including ARIS Cloud Support. That enabled us to reduce the number of forums for commercial ARIS products by half. We merged ARIS in practice, BPMN, PPM, and User Support into one big forum Professional ARIS. That will help you to find the matching forum for your question.

In Our Blogs you will find our 3 blogs now at one place. New there is the ARIS Tech Blog.

In the table below you can see which highlighted forum has been merged into another one, or moved into another group.

What you need to do

▲Please renew your forums subscriptions!

Unfortunately, we can’t transfer your forum subscriptions from the old to new structure. But we think that renewing your subscriptions is rather a small price we all have to pay to benefit from the streamlined forums, enabling you to get a response to your questions faster.