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I was interested to read Prof Sheer's article on future trends in BPM but there were a number of trends that seemed to be missing. I'd be interested to know what you business process experts think about them and how Business Process Analysis methods and tools will support them in future.

  1. Complex Event Processing (CEP) - this is where multiple events are detected, filtered by business rules, and multiple possible outcomes are generated; usually as human alerts or process triggers
  2. Time series analysis - an input stream of events is analysed for time dependency e.g. when three related events happen within a specified time or an expected event does not occur within a timeframe
  3. Control processes - processes that monitor other processes and create events/alerts depending on business rules (in effect automating feedback from Business Activity Monitoring)
  4. Service processes - describing the processes that are triggered when a business service is invoked
  5. Colllaborative processes - processes involving multiple stakeholders in decision-making; often with the use of a shared knowledgebase
  6. Dynamic processes - processes where business rules alter depending on events (e.g. learning systems)
  7. Metadata integration between business rules and data sources
  8. BPM integration with Business Service Management (the next step from Configuration Management Database integration)

I'd be interested to know about progress in developing business process analysis and toolset support for these.