Hey guys,

i want to create a dialog, where the user can select an object (Context.BrowseArisItems(...)) to edit the attributes of the selected object.

The problem is, that some objects have attributes which are language dependent.

E.g. the name of the object can be in "en_US" and in "de_DE".


When I use this code:

var userObject = Context.BrowseArisItems("Select an object", "Select an object to edit the attributes.", Constants.CID_OBJDEF)
var oSelectedObject = userObject[0];                                   //Selected User Object
var objectTypeName = Designer.getAttribute(oSelectedObject,389,null)

I get just the attribute in the database language (en_US or de_DE), but I need the attribute in "en_US" and in "de_DE".


How I can get the attributes in de and in en_US?



Tags: ARIS ARIS script javascript macro