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For those of you who are new to modelling I would like to show you what ARIS Express can do for you - I played around a little and created the following data model diagram of a typical purchase order.

The data model diagram is one of the seven model types that are currently supported by ARIS Express. Data model diagrams describe data objects and how different data objects are related to each other. Every data object has one or more attributes that describe it. As you can see, there are different kinds of attributes - for example, a primary key attribute is a unique identifier for data objects of the same kind: in our example on the left, every "vendor" entity has a vendor code that uniquely identifies it. A "purchase order" object then references a vendor by its code through the according foreign key attribute.

Note how the line connects the two objects - on both ends you can see symbols. In this case they mean that every purchase order has exactly one vendor and vendors can be referenced by zero or more purchase orders.

ARIS Express comes with a couple of example models of each model type, just like the one above – That way, you’ll know where and how to begin right away!

preview of Purchase order data model (Professional ARIS)