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This information is shared , in case, someone loses the root password for ARIS Business Publisher. 

ARIS Business Publisher can be configured/installed in two ways:

1. Using Standard DBMS Mode (Built in database)

2. Utlizing separate Oralce or MS SQL database server 

If your organization is using the later configuration (separate database server), and you forget the root password for ARIS Business Publisher, then you can reset the password of root by using these steps:

STEP1: Make backup of your BP Database, by default the database name is ARISBP71 unless you have customized this to some other name during BP Server installation.

STEP2: Stop BP Server (not the database server)

STEP3: Login to the ORACLE/MSSQL/DB2 database and locate BP database ( assuming MS SQL Database with default ARIS BP database name):

  • Database for ARIS Business Publisher: <ARISBP71>
  • Table Name: ARISBPDATA.bpsysuser

Search for <root> entry and modify the password with this value <dc76e9f0c0006e8f919e0c515c66dbba3982f785>

STEP4: Restart BP Server

The value which you have modified in the password field is the hash code + salt for <root> password (by default root account has <root> password).

Now you can login to the BP Server by using root account with password <root>. Do not forget to change your root account password.

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