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If you are interested to publish model updates on Twitter/Facebook then this article is for you.

Check out public tweets of UMG.

Please note: Twitter ditched the basic authentication mechanism and has now adapted the OAuth protocol which is now mandatory for all applications to access user account information. In short, OAuth is more secured and introduced the concept of Access Token and Access Secret, by this way, users are no longer required to share their username/password with any external entity which was a major draw back of basic authentication.

Anyways, let discuss a typical scenario of ARIS Infrastructure setup within a typical corporate.

As you have noticed, the servers have no way to access Internet or it's not desirable to have internet enabled server, so they stay in inner security layer. While desktop based clients access internet through highly secured firewall and gateways which only allow http traffic to pass through and most of the time block even common ports such as FTP. 

ARIS Macro can be triggered based on events (model saved, closed, deleted etc). A customized twitter enabled macro is developed in ARIS along with necessary files (library files). When a model is saved, the macro is activated which will do the following:

1. Macro will seamlessly download the Client Setup files from ARIS Business Server and copy them to client workstation.

2. Macro will read the keys and tokens from the <property> file and invoke the Client Setup Files with twitter information (name of models, time, user updating,access tokens etc.)

<Now the control is transfered from Macro to Client Setup File>

3. Client Setup File will automatically detect proxy settings (http-proxy server and port) based upon client setting so it access the internet either in Direct Mode or Proxy Mode (based upon client configuration).

4. Client Setup File then update the twitter account.

<Control is transfered to ARIS Macro either through exception or through normal program exit>

5. Macro will delete the Client Setup File

6. Macro will take some rest or drink some coffee.

Now the only downside is , if client have no access to internet or internet connectivity is broken or there is an outage then tweet is not published and it will be lost.

It's time to check out public tweets of UMG2010 here.


So the modified, network diagram will be as follow:

Your updated tweets will be available to many entities outside your corporation (if you decided to make tweets public accessible) and now you can put "Follows Us on Twitter" Link on your main website. There are plenty of good reasons to do this:

  1. Wider communication to stakeholder
  2. Agility within modeling teams (who is doing what)
  3. News or Announcement Displaying through RSS feeds from twitter
  4. Keeping track of updates
  5. As a way to sell your modeling efforts to people of interest.
  6. If you changed your business process then it will known to variety of people who is eager to follow your tweets.
  7. BPM is never done in isolation, it's need to be opened up so other needs to know what you are upto or trying to achieve.