I have been working to integrate all SAP-IS-Retail Scenarios on ARIS.  We have completed export of all scenarios from SOLMAN to ARIS and can even transport it back. I have a few doubts as given below:

  1. I have been making the EPCs manually based on the sequential steps, Is this right ? Or the EPCs are generated automatically?
  2. How can the function "Generate Model" be used to make an EPC? I have tried the regular procedure, but it does not include events it only lays down the functions one by one.
  3. Can we add an extra scenario in ARIS to the existing scenarios and transport it back to SOLMAN? OR we have to update the scenario in SOLMAN and export to ARIS first?
  4. What exactly is the significance of FUNCTION ALLOCATION DIAGRAMS?


Thanks and Regards

Sahil Gupte

Tags: SAP