In BPMN and in other modeling languages, the usage of gateways for branching and merging process paths is well-known. In BPMN there is an alternative way to represent branching and merging without the usage of gateways: Conditional sequence flow.

See the next example: it uses a conditional sequence flow  icon for a conditional sequence flow in BPMN for branching as an alternative to an inclusive gateway.

BPMN process with conditional sequence flow

In order to change the type of the sequence flow into default or conditional (or back to the initial one), you can use menu (or context menu) entries.

changing a BPMN sequence flow to conditional sequence flow

See the video below for a short walk-through for changing a BPMN sequence flow into a conditional or default sequence flow.

Note: The feature explained in this article is available in ARIS Express and in the professional ARIS Platform products since service release 8 (SR08). There are additional articles available explaining BPMN modelling in ARIS and ARIS Express.

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