Combining Alexa with ARIS is a great idea and would help me as a Subject Matter Expert to find the answers to the following questions:

-       Alexa, ask ARIS:   Revenue growth of an Organization

-       Alexa, ask ARIS:  Cost Reduction Process followed

-       Alexa, ask ARIS: Compliance

-       Alexa, ask ARIS: Risk Management

-       Alexa, ask ARIS: Product Improvements

-      Alexa, ask ARIS:  Customer Satisfaction

-      Alexa, ask ARIS:  Sales Report for a Quarter

-      Alexa, ask ARIS:  Revenue Performance Report

-      Alexa, ask ARIS:  Indentify Business Problem

-      Alexa, ask ARIS:  creating a business case to demonstrate a measurable ROI