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I'm hoping someone can help.  As part of our Governance process, the first initial step is to validate the ARIS model against the structure rules utilized in the semantic check functionality.  After selecting the options to display the output statistics, indicate errors by the use of information marks in the model, and derive improvment proposals and tasks from errors, the program runs and displays both the model with the errors, and an output summary.

Unfortunately, the summary reads like a book in Latin, if you will, ( hard to understand ) and does not clarify how the errors on the semantic check corresponds to the "errors" on the model highlighted in color.

Am wondering if the Description of a Structure Rule is configurable, or is this standard?  See below as an example. Am hoping it is....

Description: This rule checks whether all events that activate a function or are generated by a function in the selected model also exist as start or end events in each process model assigned to the function. Process interfaces are ignored. If rules are placed between the function and the activating or generated events, these events must also exist in every process model.

Any help or advise would be not only welcomed but encouraged!



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