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What is the future and how far are we from being able to walk the floor of an operations, and execute Voice Prompted Modeling in ARIS Cloud?


Where I work we have successfully implemented BILC, with huge benefit on Turn Arounds of deliverables by shortening the time in some instances from weeks to day and even hours, ie

* from an Idea to determine whether an Idea is Viable agreed by all National Managers, SAP Architect and CI Analysts from about two weeks is now being done under 50 hours.

Secondly the Feasibility that follows which includes revised business processes and requirements, which normally took anything from minimum 4 weeks to 3 months is now down to minimum 1 week and maximum 3 weeks.

Voice prompted modeling is something we would like to focus on.

Is this on the cards somewhere?


Where can I get in touch with ARIS Developers as there is a Huge Need to also become more Business Support Focus and drive real benefits in business without any IT developments?

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