regarding ARIS / SAP Solution Manager synchronization, does anyone know if there is an equivalent of SAP shortcut functions in BPMN models ?

In EPC, SAP shortcut functions allow using occurrence copies that get replicated as shortcuts in Solution Manager.

In BPMN models, call activities can be used to create shortcuts to Solution Manager.

However, I found that when used for that purpose, BPMN call activities have the following critical limitations compared to EPC shortcut activities:

1 - When looking at call activities properties, there is no way for the modeler or the end-users to easily find from which source activity this call activity was created from.

2 - Attributes of the source activity are not visible in the call activity (since it's not an occurrence copy), which then makes them completely useless for end-users who are looking for information in the business processes.

3 - When the name of the source activity is updated, the new names doesn't replicate automatically to all the call activities that have been created from this source activity. This brings then absolutely no added value for modelers compared to just duplicating all activities with definition copies.

So basically call activities cannot be used for creating useful shortcuts to Solution Manager in BPMN models because of the above limitations. 

Is there another object in BPMN that can be used like EPC SAP shorcut dow activities ?

We are in ARIS 9.6, in case the latest versions are bringing additional capabilities in that area.

Thanks !