We know that Big players have diferent “atributes” for an BPEL. And because of this the ARIS have an transformation for BPEL to Biztalk and BPEL to ORACLE for example. I think that BPMN 2 will eliminate the “diferent” BPEL’s. In ARIS for you reach in a BPEL model you need to transform an model EPC to BPEL, because the ARIS don’t have a transformation of BPMN into BPEL.

So the question is:
 Anyone knows if IDS-Scheer pretends to make this transformation(BPMN to BPEL)?if Will make, is in BPMN 1.x or BPMN 2?When this come?
Anyone knows anyway to transform BPMN in BPEL using ARIS and other tools?
My think is that if you modeling in ARIS with BPMN and the BPMN don’t transformate to an BPEL, you are modeling in BPMN because is cute and is the tendency of the marketing, because the EPC will certainly remove your needs. That’s why i make this question...