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 We are working with server-based user profiles in Windows XP and have the following problem:
Aris Express is running with local administrator privileges without problems.
But with a normal user ID (limited rights, server-based profile!) ArisExpress ist starting but if a new model will be created then the error message occurs during data acquisition: 40002 java.lang.SecurityException: \Directory$\username\ARISExpress\server\config\jaas.cfg
"The system can not find the path specified", which means the UNC path of the user.
The full path is as follows: \\servername\directoryname$\username\ARISExpress\server\config\jaas.cfg <file://\\servername\\directoryname$\username\ARISExpress\server\config\jaas.cfg>

Is it possible to start ARIS Express wit server-based profiles? If it is possible where do I have to adjust my configuration?


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