We require the Release-date of the ARIS Process Models to be available as a Model Attribute and plan to use the "Released On" attribute for this purpose.

The individual models will go thru the RCM (Release Change Management) cycle and get approved from Development database to the Release Database -- while the actual publishing of all such RCM Approved Models (ie, Process Release) will happen as per a set schedule. This actual publishing date should be populated on "Released-On" attribute of all such models being released on that date.

  • What is the recommended approach to update this "Released-On" attribute?


  • We would prefer that the Last change Date & Last Change user on the models are not updated by the action of updating "Released-On" attribute -- so that they reflect the actual model change that was done and not just this release info update -- is that possible?


  • Have any of you faced this requirement? How is it being handled?

Would greatly appreciate thoughts / solutions for this.

Thanks & Regards,