Dear ARIS Community members.

How to use ARIS for making change happen?

At this year’s IUG, the ARIS team presents a LIVE demo showing how process mining, dashboarding, customer journeys, workflows, risk management, the Connect portal and designer chain up in an Enterprise Management System to transform your business towards a great customer experience.

Starting with an analysis of the customer experience of purchasing a car, process mining analysis the real-word data and reveals that customers like to change their order after their purchase. This insight was not reflected in the modeled customer journey yet. This leads to an improvement in the internal Order-To-Cash process, which is then rolled out to the workforce. Lastly, the demo shows that process improvements really led to a better customer experience. It is nice to see how ARIS enables this across multiple roles and departments across the organization, all packaged in one single platform.

Although it’s lunchtime in RIGA, the hall is packed!