I would like to create a new custom filter for my database so that we can restrict Designers to certain model types and a short-list of objects within each model.

It seems to me, that an easy way to do this is to copy the Entire Method Filter, then switch off the unwanted models and objects. My expectation is that all the complex stuff - attributes, connections, A-to-B connections between objects, etc - will remain the same as in the Entire Method.

In a perfect World, if I later wanted to switch on a model that was previously closed, I would hope (expect) that the related complex stuff would also switch on.

However, I cannot see a way of copying the Entire Method content to a new editable filter:

  • if I duplicate the Entire Method, then a non-editable filter is created
  • if I duplicate an existing filter (which is editable), then I cannot merge it with the Method Filter
  • if I duplicate an existing filter AND the Entire Method, then merge them, a non-editable filter is created


< Yes... I know that I can auto-create a filter (but this means doing a lot of work up front) and I also know that I can duplicate an existing filter and add in the models and objects that are missing (very complex and a lot of work)... neither of these solutions are as easy as switching off models and objects. >

Thanks, Simon