Is it possible to increase the size of a symbol at the database level in ARIS Cloud Advanced please?

To provide some context, we typically use symbols such as Functions, Events and Process Interfaces in our VACD and EPC (row display) models. And many a time, the amount of text that we write inside these symbols runs into several words. While they are visible for the designer, the viewers are not able to see the full text. For example, "Negotiate with Underwriter on Claim Payout Settlement" shows only as "Negotiate with Underwriter on Claim..." for the viewer.

The viewers seem to have no way to see the full text, unless the size of the symbol is increased (since the font size is already at the minimum 8). It is very time consuming for the designers to increase the size of all symbols (even by selecting multiple inside a model in one go), make them of the same size and then realign the connectors, etc. Hence, I was wondering if there is a way to increase the symbol size through a filter or by some other way, so they become bigger by default. Else, is there a way to reduce the font size below 8?

Thanks in advance for letting me know.


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    - Siva.


Tags: ARIS Advanced Configuration