as we go into cloud technologies, we need to model logical locations of parsts of clouds in Aris10. For example Tenant(s). departments, servers, resource groups and similar concepts.

Anyone whom can share experiences or examples of such models? My hypothesis is that we, in Aris 10 metamodel, are looking at a combination of locations, Location Types, Hardware, Hardware Types and the various network elements.

Any help appreciated. I believe we are many whom can benefit from some debate in this area. My immediate need can roughly be summarized as follows:

In a single Azure tenant, we have three sub-trees, each with levels Department, Account, Subscription. This is the 'payment structure'.

We have an ExpressRoute network connection to one of these departments

Within each of the trees, we use Resource Groups and other Azure native concepts.

Ideally, I would not mind a set of new native citizen objects in the Aris Metamodel; I feel that the ones we have now mantch the classic datacenter way of thinking. However, while there is not more (I hear that is some new Cloud object in 10SR2) - any advice or xexample can hep the entire community.

Thanks from Norwat

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