Info about a most peculiar bug, that is probably not visible to more than a few - and workaround. Hence not urget, but good to be aware of. Positing it here as it will most likely turn up at tech only.

Symptom: When run from ARIS Architect/Designer, ARIS reports that pop up a window to get parameters produce peculiar / partly correct outcome without any apparent reason. Reports that 'usually work' appears to not do produce the expected result.

Cause: Windows 10 users with high resoultion screens (=4k) of small size and laptops checking in/out of large screen office desks tend to change the Display Settings, Scale and Layout in Windows Settings. This seam to upset the JRE renderer of popup windows in ARIS reports - it simply misunderstands the screen area that is visible to the user.

Effect: In what appears to be only for this class of users, the pop-up Window from ARIS Architect sometimes does not show all (=those lowest on the screen) parameters the report wants. However, the parameters are still there, just not visible. You can still 'tab' to them, and change them. For example, you can tab to an (invisible) checkbox and use space to change its state.

Remedy 1 used by us: Just be aware and use tab key in case of need. Sooner or later the JRE used for Architect/Designer will cope with high resolultion screens and repeated Windows scaling properly. Once we applied this remedy, report production stopped showing partial or peculiar results. It turned out behavior was consistent with us not having set (because we did not see) certain parameters of the report.

Remedy 2: A freshly booted machine without having a lot of Windows Setting Scaling setting displays all report parameters correctly. Problem only appears after much zooming and using (and stopping using) multiple displays without Windows restart.

Behaviour identified and behavior repeatedly demonstrated on a single fully updated Win10 laptop, 4k built in display and various external displays but using Windows screen scaling, ARIS 10.6, Zulu 8 JRE (do not know 32/64 bit or the build). 

Not tested: We have not looked into behaviour when using Windows Magnifyer.