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Do you ♥ BPM? We do! The summer 2008 English release of IDS Scheer’s ARIS Business Performance Edition will bring together all new and enhanced ARIS products. The current release includes various Version 7.1 products, such as ARIS Business Architect, ARIS Six Sigma and ARIS Business Publisher, as well as ARIS IT Architect and ARIS Business Architect for SAP. ARIS Business Rules Designer, ARIS SOA Architect and ARIS Business Simulator are also included in the new version. Modeling language BPMN and the OASIS SOA reference model supplement the method scope. IDS Scheer collaborated very closely with strategic partners SAP, Oracle and Microsoft to engineer product enhancements to achieve the same objective — better business performance.

As an ARIS User Group member, you will not only receive access to special and privileged IDS Scheer delta documentation and product enhancement information via this forum topic, but you have the ability to discuss firsthand these product improvements here with actual IDS Scheer product managers and solution experts!

In addition, IDS Scheer has set up a Website designed specifically for users of the new ARIS Business Performance Edition. Users who visit will be treated to information about all the innovations, as well as interactive demos of the new functions. In addition, customers and potential customers can sign up for a series of free ARIS Webcasts by visiting Each week, these Webcasts will address process management hot topics and products developments. The ARIS BPM blog is also available, containing specialist articles on current issues written by various IDS Scheer BPM experts, as well as customers, research bodies and opinion leaders. The blog discusses topics such as Process Management, Process Intelligence, Enterprise Architecture Management, SAP implementation, SOA and GRC — all of which are focal points for process managers and specialist departments within the companies. The Website also includes interviews and videos for those who are interested.

From a technical perspective, the new product versions represent the continuation of a strategy initiated by IDS Scheer several years ago — a Java-based development platform for Web-based products. In order to ease the transition to the new technology for ARIS users who are still using Windows-based products, IDS Scheer offers the ARIS Exchange Program. This program allows customers to exchange their Windows-based ARIS products for the new versions at special prices