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ARIS Business Performance Edition – Pilot Projects

First Assessments (Extract)
“… ARIS Business Performance Edition will offer many new usage scenarios which will make our process management easier and more dynamic. Since ARIS 7 already has a powerful ‘engine,’ we are thrilled to hit the gas and move full speed ahead… All projects will benefit from the migration …”
Bernd Linden, E.ON Sales & Trading GmbH: Head of CSP – Process Management and SOA

“… With the Process Schedule, we can better manage the integration of our complex processes…
The new Matrix Modeler …will also offer a quick overview of the existing relationship network…”
Jörg Bansen, VW, Process Management
Bernd Linden, E.ON Sales & Trading GmbH: Head of CSP – Process Management and SOA

“…ARIS Versioning satisfies our strict requirements very well…
The new Report Editor does justice to its name: What You See Is What You Get …”
Silke Lasch, Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau, Competence Center Process Management (CCP)

“… The new View Concept in ARIS Business Publisher will optimally support our
challenging visualization requirements…”

“… The new generic ARIS -DMS interface enables us to realize our process documentation in an integrated ... way. This simplifies both, the maintenance and the usage of our models …”
Daniel M. Walder, Head of TZW Office, Strategy & Change Management,Zurich Switzerland
Martin Lottermoser, SEB AG, Group IT Germany, Strategy, Architecture & Design

“… The Process Schedule display… will helpus to optimize time-critical operations...
…the documentation and analysis of essential measures is simple and painless …”

“… Excellent -I could have used … [the flexible mass data upload] this morning!…
[The Report Editor] looks very good…”
Rob Davis, British Telecom, Principal Consultant: Process Architecture and Modelling