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with ARIS 7.2 Publisher I had a "Get there faster" set up, replacing the usual <subdomain.hostname.tld/businesspublisher> with a short URL like (http://)process

An alias for the host was set in the company's DNS and Publisher configured to listen on the http port 80.

Following the Tomcat HowTo Wiki  I appended a <welcome-file-list> to the


and copied 

BPServer\tomcat\webapps\businesspublisher\index.html to 

So in the end the request (http://)process is resolved as <process.hostname.tld> and then redirected from

BPServer\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\index.html through to

meaning: the user gets the Publisher login page.


Now, with Publisher 9.8.2 I am at a loss here, because I am no expert with tomcat or deploying webapps on it.

The relevant tomcat web.xml appears in


but there is only businesspublisher and no ROOT in


where I could place the index.html.

I appreciate any guidance.

Regards, Martin

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