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Hello I need to make demo on my environment for customer. He wants to see Business Publisher working with ARIS MashZone. I made some MashZone examples - each process in ABP is represented by one example in MashZone. Problem is - how to get proper MashZone from ABP. I think this could be done e.g by click on LINK1 attribute in ABP model's attributes. But how can I set proper MashZone? Is it possible to setting this in web address? (I mean GET parameters) I tried to view MashZone example directly by copied weblink (copied from address of opened MashZone example) - unfortunatelly MashZone asked me for user and pass. Other way... I know that I can use link which includes user and pass. (parameters j_username and j_password) But how can I direclty open MashZone example with these params? Best Regards Szymon

Tags: MashZone ARIS Business Publisher