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ARIS User Day 08

ARIS UserDay just started some minutes ago and we start our live coverage of the event directly from Berlin, Germany. ARIS UserDay is followed by ARIS Process World tomorrow and on Wednesday. ARIS UserDay focuses on ARIS users by providing hands-on session where users can get familiar with the ARIS products. Currently, Karl Wagner is opening the day with his keynote giving an overview of new features in ARIS.

This year the European ARIS Process World and ARIS UserDay takes place in the Maritim Hotel in the heart of Berlin, Germany. ARIS UserDay and ARIS Process World are major events for business process management experts eager to get to know the latest versions of ARIS.

Karl WagnerKarl Wagner is the head of the research and development department leading the development of ARIS. In his keynote, he gives an overview of the most important new features in the ARIS Business Performance Edition, which was released in spring 2008. He points out that ARIS Business Publisher is probably the most heavily used ARIS product. This is not really surprising, because ARIS Business Publisher delivers the enterprise models created with ARIS to the end-users working each day with those models. Karl gives a brief overview of the most important new features in ARIS Business Publisher, but he also gives an overview of new features to be expected during the next months. Another feature he focuses on is versioning. A little bit to my surprise, he first points out that those not interested in versioning won’t be impacted by it and the user interface won’t get more complicated. Well, I think this is an important point he is making here, because we are too often distracted in our use of software by features we don’t need. Versioning allows defining versions of models in ARIS. Models can be visually compared with previous versions and it is possible to go back to a previous version.

There are many more features he introduces like the new graphical capabilities in ARIS to make models more visually appealing. Another feature he focuses on is the ARIS solution for Six Sigma. Six Sigma and its integration in BPM is an important approach in many industries and there will be other sessions about this topic in the next days.

Karl touches many more features like IT Architecture Management, ARIS for SAP, and SOA. The keynote gives a good impression how broad the topic business process management got in recent years. Of course not every user is focusing on all topics, but it is good to see that the topics can be integrated if needed. Today, attendees can get their hands on those topics by attending the ARIS product tutorials or discussing the approaches with the ARIS product experts. During ARIS Process World on Tuesday and Wednesday companies will report about their experiences gained and share their best practices with the attendees.

You can find pictures of ARIS UserDay in the Picture Gallery.

by Sebastian Stein