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ARIS Process World 08

I am currently attending the presentation by Forrester. Henry Peyret presents the latest trends in enterprise architecture and some consequences.

Hnery Peyret of ForresterFor Henry Peyret of Forrester the overall trend in enterprise architecture (EA) is clear: the EA community is growing, EA tasks are growing, and EA is getting more traction in industry. However, he also admits that even if the work for enterprise architects is growing the number of staff working on those topics will not increase. Hence, the enterprise architects must get more efficient in their work to manage the additional work load.

One part of the solution to increase EA efficiency is using dedicated enterprise architecture tools. He documents the current state of the EA tool market by presenting the current “Forrester Wave for Enterprise Architecture Tools”, where IDS Scheer is a leader with ARIS.

In his view, the enterprise strategy is shaped by three dimensions: productivity, quality or risk, and agility. In the past, enterprise architecture mainly focused on increasing productivity. Changing the enterprise strategy means finding a new trade-off between the three dimensions mentioned by Henry Peyret. In order to increase agility, which is needed by the ever faster moving markets, productivity must be slightly reduced and more risks must be taken.

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