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BPMNFor those of you not directly involved with OMG, it might be interesting to know that since some days a first public submission for BPMN 2 is available on OMG's homepage. This is of course not yet the final specification, but at least the overall picture gets clearer now. You will notice many open issues while browsing the document. But it still shows how BPMN 2 is going to look like.

Bruce already has a first review on the submission. Of course, there are still many problems and unclear definitions. Like Bruce, I was also wondering about the very blurry definition of business process diagram. But I'm pretty sure that those problems will be removed in the final specification. However, I like to encourage everybody to provide such detailed comments as Bruce did. That is why a public draft is released so that everybody can comment on it!

Now what is your first impression of the BPMN 2 draft? Are you satisfied or were you looking for something else?

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