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Last week we conducted the first part of ARIS Express beta test. We released the beta version to more than 700 registered beta testers. More than 60% of the registered beta testers already gave ARIS Express a test drive and reported the issues they found. To all beta testers: Thank you for your contribution!

During this first phase of the beta test, we also checked that the download network is running smoothly and that users are not experiencing any delays in downloading ARIS Express. We are now confident that our download network is able to handle many more downloads, so we can safely open the beta test to the general public.

You will find all information you need to download and run ARIS Express in the ARIS Express beta tester group. On the left side in the group description are direct links to download instructions and frequently asked questions. Also, we are maintaining a list of known issues, which were reported by beta testers so far. If you encounter a new problem or have a question about ARIS Express, please do the following:

Now it is your chance to take a look at ARIS Express. Please remember, it is not the final version yet. There are some features missing and there are known problems. Still, it should give you a good impression how the final version will look like.