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Just some minutes ago, member 2.000 joined ARIS Community. It is really great to see that so many BPM nerds are gathering here!

There are also some new things you might be interested in. First, we now have an iTunes channel and there is already one podcast about process intelligence online. I think process intelligence is an important topic, because it allows us to measure how our business performs. So if you have not done so, make sure to check the video or audio version.

We also added some new groups to ARIS Community:

Currently, we are observing if people are interested in such groups and if posts in Spanish and Portuguese happen. If this is an accepted option by you, we will add more groups based on your needs.

Finally, ARIS Express beta is now available to everyone. If you have not done so, you can download it and give it a test drive. It is not yet the final version, but it runs quite stable. Please join ARIS Express beta tester group in case you want to give us your feedback or report a bug.