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ARIS Express is now available since almost 2 months. For most users it runs smoothly, but we are aware of some bugs, too. Still, it seems unclear to some of you how to report bugs you encounter. Therefore, here a short summary how to do it:

  1. ARIS Express bugs must be reported in ARIS Community. Even if you are a customer of our professional ARIS Platform products with a valid support contract, we ask you to not contact our support hotline, but instead report the bug here.
  2. Make sure to first check the FAQ, installation instructions, and system requirements to ensure you are not experiencing a known problem.
  3. Go to the ARIS Express Support Group and quickly browse through the articles if someone else has reported a similar problem. You can also use the site search to dig for reports.
  4. If another user has reported a similar problem, please add a comment stating that you are also experiencing the problem. Please add any details missing in the initial report.
  5. If your problem seems to be new, create a new bug report in the ARIS Express Support Group and include the following details:
    • descriptive title like “Layout broken on Chinese Windows XP installation”
    • category: ARIS Express
    • description of problem encountered
    • step-by-step instruction how to reproduce the problem
    • add screenshots to the description if necessary
    • operating system used including service packs (e.g. Windows XP Service Pack 1)
    • GUI language of your operating system
    • Java version used
    • browser and browser version used (in case download doesn’t work)
    • do not include any personal details, because the bug report will be publically visible!
  6. After you submitted your report, make sure to subscribe to your report by email so that you get notified by email in case someone posts a comment.

We are constantly monitoring ARIS Community for new bug reports. We will notice your message and investigate the problem. We will post a comment to your bug report to confirm the bug or request additional information.

I hope this clarifies how to report a bug. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to post them as a comment here!